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Discover Gujarat Art, Craft, Culture & Wildlife Overland Tour From Mumbai



19 Nights / 20 Days

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Daily Tour

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10 people




Discover Gujarat Art, Craft, Culture & Wildlife incredible overland tour will begin in Mumbai. You will visit Daman once-flourishing Portuguese town. Ankleshwar Tirth is home to a few magnificent Jain temples. 182 meters is the world’s tallest Statue of Unity. Lakshmi Vilas Palace is the largest private dwelling built till date. The archaeological remains at Champaner-Pavagadh & Harappa Port-Town at Lothal. The active temple of Hindus at Somnath & Dwarika. Safari deep within the jungles at Sasan Gir, Little Rann of Kutch & in Great White Rann of Kutch. You will also visit the art & craft villages and interact with them. A private AC vehicle & accompanied English-speaking guide will ensure you are fully soaked in what you had hoped to.

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  • This is a private tour/activity only for your group.
  • Enhanced cleaning/ traveler safety.
  • In-depth cultural experience.
  • Flexible sightseeing & stopover.
  • Most travelers can participate.

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Day 1: Arrive Mumbai
On arrival at Mumbai airport assistance & transfer to hotel (check in/out time 12pm).
Mumbai is disciplined by no time frame neither day nor night. Dazzling shopping arcades, exciting sport activity, nightclubs & discotheques, theatre, music & gourmet restaurants offers visitors a heady mix of all this and more. Rest time free for personal activities. Overnight at hotel.
Day 2: Mumbai
Breakfast at hotel. City tour of Mumbai. Drive via Marine Drive one of the most beautifully laid boulevards in the city to reach Gateway of India. Board a ferry from here to reach Elephanta Caves (Monday closed). A flight of 100 steps takes you to the top of the hill where caves are located. Afterwards cruise back to Gateway of India and then city tour. Drive pass CST & Parliament House. Visit Dhobhi Ghat to see the city famous open air laundry in action. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay, a grade I Heritage Building of the city counted amongst one of the most prominent museums of India. The complex exhibits a myriad collection of ancient artefacts, artwork and sculptors of the country which give a unique insight into our past. Overnight at hotel.
Day 3: Mumbai - Daman (190km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Daman check in at hotel.
Visit Cathedral Of Bom Jesus & beautiful altarpiece along with the intricately carved doorway built by Portuguese in 1603. St. Jerome Fort, also known as Nani Daman Fort built by Portuguese. There is a large statue of St. Jerome, one of the most eminent fathers of the Catholic Church, inside the fort premises. The complex contains other attractions namely the church of Our Lady of the Sea and a Jain temple. The fort on the whole offers a beautiful view of the fish market below and the hustle-bustle that comes along with it. Across the Daman Ganga River, Moti Daman Fort holds the ruins of a Dominican monastery. Close by, the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary features intricate carvings. Rest time free and easy to relax on the beach. Overnight at hotel.
Day 4: Daman - Ankleshwar (200km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Ankleshwar check in at hotel.
Ankleshwar is renowned for Shri Ankleshwar Tirth that includes four Digambar Jain temples including the temple of Chintamani Parsvanath, Mahavir Swami Mandir, Adinath Mandir and Neminath Mandir, of which the temple of Mahavir is the largest one. There is a belief that the idols of Sheetalnath, Parsvanath and Nandi were discovered two kilometres away in the Raskunda area. When they were being brought to Ankleshwar, the cart carrying them stopped at the spot where the existing temple is located. Ankleshwar is also famous as it was the place where Bhootbali and Pushpa Danta, who were followers of the Pargami Acharya Dharsen resided for four months and planned their srut prachar. Overnight in tent/ hotel.
Day 5: Ankleshwar - Kevadia (90km)
Breakfast at hotel. Visit world tallest Statue of Unity. The high-speed elevators will take you to a height of about 400 feet through the core of the statue where you can get panoramic view of the surroundings. Later visit Sardar Sarovar Dam, the world`s second-largest concrete gravity dam, located on the mighty Narmada river near the Statue of Unity. Sardar Sarovar Dam provides electricity, drinking, and irrigation water to four states in India. Valley of Flowers, a beautifully landscaped garden with the mighty Narmada river and the Statue of Unity in the background. Made to give a glimpse into local ecology, featuring hundreds of species of native flowers, shrubs, trees, bamboo, grasses, and more. Also featuring many selfie points for all visitors to capture photos from the most scenic spots. Evening light & sound show at Statue of Unity. The colourful laser lighting system is accompanied by an excellent narration of history & life of Sardar Patel, his contribution to the independence movement & the unification of India as one nation. Lunch, dinner and overnight in tent/ hotel.
Day 6: Kevadia - Vadodara (150km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Vadodara via visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pavagadh-Champaner. The site encompasses forts, temples, mosques, mausoleum complexes, pavilions, wells and tanks built around 1523 in Indo-Saracenic architecture.
Continue drive to Vadodara check in at hotel. Visit Lakshmi Vilas Palace the largest private dwelling built till date four times the size of Buckingham Palace. Also visit Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum & Kirti Mandir. Overnight at hotel.
Day 7: Vadodara - Bhavnagar (200km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Bhavnagar via visiting archaeological remains of Harappa Port-Town at Lothal of Indus Valley Civilization. Unlike many other doorways into Harappan culture, Lothal passed through all the phases of the society, from earliest development to most mature. Roam the ruins with your heart open to the ancient, and with the help of the local museum here, allow yourself to be transported to an era 4,500 years ago.
Continue drive to Bhavnagar check in at hotel. Overnight at hotel.
Day 8: Bhavnagar - Palitana - Diu (250km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Diu via visiting Palitana Temples are known for being the largest cluster of Jain temples on Shatrunjaya hills. These hills have similarities to other hills where Jain temples have been built in Bihar, Gwalior, Mount Abu and Girnar. The Jain`s sacred hill of Shatrunjaya have 863 temples atop itself. The path is climbed through 3950 steps spanning 3.5 km up the Shatrunjaya Hills. The construction of temples of Palitana spanned over a period of 900 years and was structured in two phases. After sightseeing drive to Diu check in & overnight at hotel.
Day 9: Diu
Breakfast at hotel. Visit Diu Fort a very large and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. This fort was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD after the treaty signed between the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese. The fort is surrounded by the sea on the three sides and a canal on the fourth side. On the fort stands a giant structure which now houses a Light House and the Diu jail. Several canons are still located on the top of the fort and peep out of the holes on the walls of this gigantic structure. Old Town has a few old mansions belonging to rich Portuguese and Indian merchants. The colorful three-story Nagar Sheth Haveli has porticoes, carved balconies, stone-made lions and intricate arches in European and Indian styles. Rest time free to relax. Overnight at hotel.
Day 10: Diu - Somnath - Sasan Gir (130km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Sasan Gir via Somnath. Visit Somnath Temple believed to have been built in gold by the moon god Soma, in silver by the sun god Ravi, in wood by Krishna and in stone by the Solanki Rajputs in the 11th century. The present temple built in 1951, is the seventh reconstruction on the original site. Tales of its riches attracted a series of invasions, but each time the temple was invaded, it was restored to its original glory by devout Hindu worshipers. Paanch Pandav Caves situated in the Lalghati where Pandav spent time during the term of their exile. Suraj Mandir the architecture features many animal figurines like lions, and huge elephant trunks.
Continue drive to Sasan Gir check in at hote. Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 11: Sasan Gir - Porbandar - Dwarka (250km)
Breakfast at hotel. Gypsy safari in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary sprawling in an area of 1424 sq kms. Gir forest is the only place in the world, outside Africa, where the lion can be seen in its natural habitat. Other predators are panther & hyena. Sambhar, Chital, Blue Bull, Chinkara and four horned antelope are found here along with the bear and the long tailed langur. Gir is also one of the finest bird sanctuaries. Some of the typical birds of Gir are the crested serpent eagle, crested hawk eagle, brown fish owl, king vulture, jungle quail, paradise flycatcher, pygmy woodpecker, hard headed oriole etc. Another attraction is a crocodile farm developed in the forest.
Later drive to Dwarka via visiting Porbandar. Visit The Haveli where Gandhi was born on Oct 2, 1869. The room where he was born has been preserved as it is, and has a stark look. A part of the house has now been converted into a museum and called the Kirti Mandir. Open from 9am to 12pm and again from 3pm to 6pm.
Continue drive to Dwarka check in & overnight at hotel.
Day 12: Dwarka - Morbi (250km)
Breakfast at hotel. Excursion to visit Marine National Park by ferry. The 458 sq km of Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands. As the sanctuary lies in the inter - tidal zone, it is convenient to observe the marine habitat, including saline grasslands, mudflats, coral reefs, and mangroves. Some of the commonly seen marine animals here are giant sea anemone, sponges, starfish sea cucumber, octopus, puffer fish, sea urchins, etc. Pirotan and a few other islands are known for their coral reefs. The mangroves sheLater a variety of birds too. On return visit Nageshwar temple an important Lord Shiva Temple that enshrined one of the 12 jyothirlingas in the world, in an underground sanctum. Dwarkadhish Temple built of soft limestone and consists of a sanctum, vestibule and a rectangular hall with porches on three sides.
Continue drive to Morbi check in & overnight at hotel.
Day 13: Morbi - Mundra - Mandvi (250km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Mandavi enroute visit Bhadreshwar Jain Temple an appreciated sites of great significance in religious history. It is claim the city was founded in 516 BC, and first temple was built 2500 years ago, about 45 years after the death of Lord Mahavir. The main temple is strikingly beautiful in all white marble with majestic pillars. Around the central one are 52 smaller shrines, one of which reputedly holds the original Parshavanath idol from 500 BC.
Further drive to Mundra to see some of the finest Batik workshops. The process starts with the removal of starch from the plain white fabric. The fabric is soaked in soda and with thorough rinsing; the starch from the fabric is removed. A work table is prepared by spreading river-bed sand on a long rectangular surface. The printer begins block-printing with wax once the plain fabric is laid out on the table.
Continue drive to Mandvi check in & overnight at hotel.
Day 14: Mandvi
Breakfast at hotel. Visit Vijay Vilas Palace built in 1929 by Rao Vijayrajji. It was built of red sandstone in the Rajput style, with a main central dome, Bengal domes at the sides, bastions at the corner, and colored glass windows. The balcony at the top affords a superb view of the surrounding area, and the king`s tomb can also be seen. Mandvi Town known for its shipbuilding centre. The local carpenters still make ocean-going Dhows in much the same way that their ancestors had done a century ago. One can go and visit the men at work, shaping the great vessels with hand tools and coaxing the seasoned timber into shape. The carrying capacity of these boats can vary from 250 tons to 1000 tons. Overnight at hotel.
Day 15: Mandvi - Bhuj - Hodka (130km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Hodka via Bhuj. Visit The Aaina Mahal Palace built in the middle of 18th century. Explore the compound outside the palace, with its beautiful carved doorways, elaborate window boxes and balconies. Prag Mahal built-in the 19th century next to Aina Mahal, the grand palace boasts of Gothic-style windows and Corinthian pillars around it. The opulent Mahal has the second tallest clock tower in the country which offers an amazing view from the top. A part of the palace has been converted into a museum with archives and personal items of the royal family on display. Shri Swaminarayan Temple initially built in the year 1822, it was the first of many Sampraday Swaminarayan temples. Ramkund a square stepwell, whose walls have carved miniature idols depicting the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and sculptures of Lord Rama, Devi Sita, Lord Lakshmana and Lord Hanuman.
Next drive to Banni Region of Kutch visiting Nirona Village for Rogan arts on a piece of cloth. The word Rogan comes from Persian and means oil-based. The process of making the natural colors used in art gives it such a name. Castor oil is heated on a fire for about 12 hours and then cast into cold water to give a thick residue called the Rogan. This is then mixed with stone pigments to lend it different hues. Next, the artisan uses a six-inch metal stick to paint with a fine thread of Rogan on cloth.
Continue drive to Hodka check in at resort. Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 16: Hodka - White Rann of Kutch
Breakfast at hotel. Very early in the morning drive to White Rann of Kutch to see the sunrise. The Great Rann of Kutch is world largest salt marsh in the Thar Desert. Later visit Dhordo village in White Rann occupied by Mutwa Muslim Community. Next visit a small Pathan community hamlet engaged in Embroidery. Continue to Khavda to see Potters and Samma tribe. Later leave for Kala Dungar to view the beautiful sunset. Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.
Day 17: Hodka - Dasada (340km)
Breakfast at hotel. Drive to Dasada enroute visit Block Printers at Ajrakhpur village.
Ajrakhpur known worldwide, for the art of Ajrakh, block-printing uses colours derived from nature, such as indigo, henna, turmeric, pomegranate, iron, and mud. In some cases, the fabrics are washed up to 20 times. The printing blocks are hand - carved. The process is complex and involves 16 different processes. Innovative use of natural dyes that include a mixture of camel dung, soda ash and castor oil, waste iron, myrobalan, madder, indigo, pomegranate peel boiled in water, sprays of turmeric water and the root of rhubarb.
Continue drive to Dasada check in, Lunch, dinner and overnight at camp/hotel.
Day 18: Dasada - Ahmedabad (260km)
Breakfast at hotel. Early morning safari in Little Rann of Kutch a unique landscape of its kind in the entire world with an unending possibility of exploration. The present saline desert of the Little Rann of Kutch is believed to have been shallow sea. Little Rann of Kutch is the only haven on earth for endemic Asiatic Wild Ass. Known for its speed, the wild ass lives in herds led by stallions and survived by migrating between the grassy bets through the season, in search of food. Sanctuary is also home to 32 other species of mammals such as chinkara, two types of desert fox, jackals, caracals, nilgais, Indian wolves, blackbucks, and striped hyenas along with 350 different species of birds, including the common crane, pelican and the lesser flamingo. Interestingly, the Little Rann gets a fair number of winged visitors in the winter months. Among these, the ceraneous vulture comes from Egypt, the common and demoiselle cranes arrive from Siberia, the blue-tailed bee-eater visits from Europe, and the houbara bustard of Iran and Iraq are the most commonly sighted birds here. Also, the sanctuary is home to a sizeable population of Rabari and Bharwad tribes.
Late drive to Ahmedabad check in and overnight at hotel.
Day 19: Ahmedabad
Breakfast at hotel. City tour of Ahmedabad. Visit Hatheesing Jain Temple established in 1850 by Seth Hatheesing a rich Jain merchant, the temple is dedicated to 15th Jain Tirthankar Dharamnath. Bhadra Fort a beautiful monument that is famous for its intricate carvings, pattern works and beautiful frescos suits. Located in the middle of lush greenery the huge 44 acre Fort got its name from the Bhadrakali Temple that it houses. Sabarmati Ashram once the residence of Mahatma Gandhi located on the tranquil and serene stretch of Sabarmati River. The museum is one of the most interesting sections of the ashram as it has on display some of Gandhi`s personal letters and photographs. Shaking Minarets one of the most intriguing architectural wonders & an unsolvable mystery that the world has ever seen. VECHAAR Utensils Museum it house an elaborate collection of utensils ranging from hundreds of years back to the current times. Kite Museum in the premises of Sanskar Kendra the museum had an elaborate display of about 125 uniquely carved kites including mirror embroidered kites, block print kites and Japanese kites such as Rokuku. Overnight at hotel.
Day 20: Ahmedabad - Mumbai (flight)
Breakfast at hotel. As per flight schedule transfer to airport to board flight for onward destination.


  • Assistance on arrival at airport.
  • 19 Nights' accommodation in 4-star hotels.
  • Daily breakfast and meal as per day plan.
  • Private air-conditioned deluxe car for airport transfer, sightseeing and excursion as per program.
  • English speaking tour guide on sightseeing days (local guide in each city), as per program.
  • Monument entrances and activities charges mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Bottled drinking water in car.
  • Government taxes.
  • Ahmedabad - Mumbai flight fare approx. INR 5,000 per person in economy class.
  • Camera charges at monuments.
  • Expenses of personal nature like liquor, laundry, tips, telephone, fax, internet etc.
  • Gratuities & optional activities.
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions.

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What is the standard of the hotels on this tour?
4-Star Hotels Used or Similar
Mumbai - Sun-N-Sand Hotel/ Fariyas Hotel
Daman - The Gold Beach Resort/ The Deltin
Ankleshwar - Lords Plaza/ Regenta Central Harimangla
Kevadia - Statue of Unity Tent City 1 - Royal Cottages/ Ramada Encore
Vadodara - Royal Orchid Central/ Lemon Tree Hotel
Bhavnagar - Nilambag Palace hotel/ Lemon Tree Wild Life Resort
Diu - Radhika Beach Resort/ Azzaro Resorts & Ganga Spa
Sasan Gir - The Fern Gir Forest Resort/ Lion Safari Camp
Dwarka - The Fern Sattva Resort
Morbi - Lords Eco Inn/ The Fern Residency
Mandvi - Serena Beach Resort/ Mandvi Beach Resort
Hodka/ Kutch - Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort/ Kutir Craft Village Resort
Little Rann of Kutch - Royal Safari Camp, Bajana/ Rann Riders, Dasada
Ahmedabad - Ramada Hotel/ Lemon Tree Premier
Can travelers upgrade the accommodation to 5-star hotels?
Yes, travelers can upgrade the accommodation to 5-star hotels by paying the supplement. Please send inquiry for same from the booking page to get the price quote.


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